The Roman Army A to Z: decimatio

decimatio (m. pl. decimationes)

Selecting one in ten soldiers for capital punishment. Polyb. 6.38.2–4; Tac., Ann. 3.31; HA, Macr. 12. [Brand 1968]

The Roman Army A to Z: decanus

decanus (m. pl. decani)

Head of a contubernium in the Late Roman period, but under the Principate and Republic no title is associated with the post (although inscriptions do appear to record ‘the contubernium of’, e.g. AE 2009, 955 or CIL XIII, 11954a). Veg., DRM 2.8; AE 1951, 30. [Southern and Dixon 1996]

The Roman Army A to Z: curator

curator (m. pl. curatores)

A principalis with a particular responsibility; c. cohortis: a primus pilus charged with looking after a cohors of the vigiles (CIL VI, 32760); c. fisci: with financial responsibilities in the urban and Praetorian cohorts (CIL II, 2610); c. opera armamentarii: with responsibility for the camp armamentarium (CIL VIII, 2563); c. pro praefecto cohortis: a subpraefectus in temporary charge of an auxiliary unit (AE 1895, 36); c. tabularii legionis: an evocatus in charge of the legionary tabularium (CIL VIII, 2852); c. turmae: supervised the supply of fodder and horses for a turma (CIL VIII, 2094); c. veteranorum: in charge of veterani (CIL V, 3375; 7005). [Goldsworthy 2003]