The Roman Army A to Z: centurio

centurio (m. pl. centuriones Ang. centurion)

The commander of a centuria. In the Principate, distinguished by a crista transversa, a vitis, and wearing the sword on the opposite side to his men (Veg., DRM 2.8; 2.13; RIB 203; CIL III, 4060.); c. exercitator: in charge of trainers (CIL VI, 224); c. exercitator equitum: in charge of horse (or cavalry) training (CIL XI, 395); c. princeps: see princeps; c. supernumerarius: a centurion not in post, e.g. in charge of training legionary cavalry as a magister equitum (CIL V, 8278). [Keppie 1984]