The Roman Army A to Z: frater

frater (Phr.)

Literally ‘brother’, a form of address used for social and military peers. In some instances difficult to distinguish from a blood relative (e.g. AE 2005, 255). Tab. Vind. 248; 255. See also commilito [Goldsworthy 2003]

The Roman Army A to Z: forum

forum (n. pl. fora)

A central open area within a Republican fortification, equivalent to the principia courtyard in one of the Principate. Polybios (6.31.1) uses the equivalent Gk. word (ἀγορἁ, echoed by Jos., BJ 3.5.2) in his description of a Republican camp. Livy 41.2.11; Fest. s.v. [Johnson 1983]