The Roman Army A to Z: fabrica

fabrica (f. pl. fabricae)

A workshop, employed in both repair and production of equipment, integral to the army under the Principate, separately established under the Dominate (Veg., DRM 2.11; DMCTab. Vind. 862; ChLA 10.409); f. arcuaria: a workshop specialising in bows (ND Occ. 9.28); f. ballistaria: a workshop specialising in artillery (ND Occ. 9.33; 38); f. loricaria: a workshop specialising in armour (ND Occ. 9.26; 33); f. sagittaria: a workshop specialising in arrows (ND Occ. 9.24; 32; CIL V, 8742); f. scordiscoria: a workshop specialising in saddles (ND Occ. 9.18); f. scutaria: a workshop specialising in shields (ND Occ. 9.24; Or. 11.39); f. spatharia: a workshop specialising in swords (ND Occ. 9.26; 36). [Goldsworthy 2003]


The Roman Army A to Z: exercitus

exercitus (m. pl. exercitūs)

An army (but seldom the army: Romans were much more likely to refer to milites). Under the Republic, a consular army. Under the Principate, however, this evolved to mean a provincial or regional army, so what is now thought of as The Roman Army was made up of several armies and celebrated as such in an issue of coins by Hadrian (Dig. 3.2.2; Livy 26.42.2); e. Britannicus: the army of Britannia (Tac., Hist. 1.61; CIL VI, 3358; XIII, 8805; RIC II 912–13, 458); e. Cappadocicus: the army of Cappadocia (RIC II 914, 458); e. Dacicus: the army of Dacia (RIC II,915–19a); e. Delmaticus: the army of Dalmatia (Tac., Hist. 2.11); e. Germanicus: the army of Germania (Tac., Hist. 1.19; AE 2002, 917; RIC II, 920–1, 459;); e. Germanicus Inferior: the army of Germania Inferior (AE 1975, 639e); e. Hispanicus: the army of Hispania (RIC II 922–3, 460); e. Iudaicus: the army of Judaea (Tac., Hist. 1.76); e. Mauretanicus: the army of Mauretania (RIC II 924–5, 460); e. Moesicus: the army of Moesia (Tac., Hist. 3.2; RIC II 926, 940); e. Noricus: the army of Noricum (RIC II 927, 461); e. Pannonicus: the army of Pannonia (Tac., Hist. 2.11; 85); e. Raeticus: the army of Raetia (RIC II 928–30, 461); e. Romanus: the Roman army (Tac., Hist. 4.57; 75); e. Syriacus: the army of Syria (Tac., Hist. 2.8; RIC II 931–7, 462). [Goldsworthy 2003]