The Per Lineam Valli Podcastella are podcasts providing an earful of Hadrian’s Wall.

The series begins with a rather special edition, 93 minutes long, describing the Romani Walk undertaken by Ben Kane, Anthony Riches, and Russell Whitfield. However, future editions will vary in length and include mini guides to some of the lesser-known parts of Hadrian’s Wall, examinations of particular topics, and interviews with people in some way connected with the frontier (e.g. scholars, business people, administrators, museum curators, or artists) for whom it forms a pivotal part of their lives.

The podcasts are aimed at the ordinary, interested listener, but they will assume you have a brain within easy reach and will not talk down to you. Much.

Podcastellum 1: the Romani Walk

Podcastellum 2: Brunton Turret

Podcastellum 3: Romano-British Sculpture on the Wall

Podcastellum 4: Lorica Segmentata: The Roman Spitfire?

Podcastellum 5: Late Roman Hadrian’s Wall

Podcastellum 6: the Crosby Garrett Helmet

Podcastellum 7: Walking the Wall with Mark Richards

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