The Roman Army A to Z: turris

turris (f. pl. turres)

1. A tower on a fortification (Caes., BG 5.40.2; CIL III, 11965); 2. a moveable wooden tower used in siege warfare (Veg., DRM 4.17; Livy 32.17.16–17); 3. a battlefield formation (Fest. s.v.; Aul. Gell. 10.9.1.). [Johnson 1983]

The Roman Army A to Z: tropaeum

tropaeum (n. pl. tropaea)

Trophy, usually consisting at the least of a tree adorned with a cuirass and helmet, but usually also other equipment (Tac., Ann. 2.18); T. Traiani: a large stone monument at Adamclisi (Romania) set up to commemorate Trajan’s victory in the Dacian Wars (after which a nearby town was named) (CIL III, 14433). [Goldsworthy 2003]