The Roman Army A to Z: sermo castrensis

sermo castrensis (Phr. Mod.)

The Latin spoken (and written) in the Roman army, and by some writers equated with Vulgate Latin, to be distinguished from Classical Latin. [Goldsworthy 2003]

The Roman Army A to Z: scutum

scutum (n. pl. scuta)

A shield (CIL VIII, 2532; XIII, 3592); s. de viminea: a double-weight practice shield made of wicker (Veg., DRM 1.11); s. planatum: a flat shield (ChLA 10.409.2.13); s. publicum: a battle shield (Veg., DRM 1.11); s. talarium: an ankle-length shield (ChLA 10.409.2.9). [Bishop and Coulston 2006]