The Per Lineam Valli atlas of Hadrian’s Wall

Back in 2007, I used Google Earth to plot the course of Hadrian’s Wall. To this I added some basic information, in the form of links to online resources like English Heritage’s (now Historic England’s) Pastscape, the National Monuments Record’s online database, references to documents on the Hadrian’s Wall Research Framework website, images of sites, and, information from You can still see the remnants of that early version on the Wayback Machine.

Now I have embarked upon an ambitious upgrade to the website. Online digital mapping has come a long way since my original efforts and I want to bring all the benefits of the latest techniques to the mapping of the Roman Wall – whether in the comfort of your own home or on your mobile phone on a wind-blasted hillside in Northumberland!

That, however, is not all that I’m up. Find out more in my next post on Patreon.