Podcastellum 5: Late Roman Hadrian’s Wall

It’s been a few months, but it is now time for another PLV Podcastellum. This is another interview conducted on the bus in Denmark, this time with Rob Collins, Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds Liaison Officer at the Great North Museum and specialist on Hadrian’s Wall in the Late Roman period (amongst other things; Rob is a versatile lad).

Rob's bookHe is the author of the magisterial Hadrian’s Wall and the End of Empire: The Roman Frontier in the 4th and 5th Centuries (which is mentioned in the podcast) but has also exhibited his talents as an editor in a volume about finds from Late Roman Britain, one of the CBA Research Reports, Finds from the Frontier: Material Culture in the 4th – 5th Centuries, which he co-edited with Lindsay Allason-Jones. Turning the tables on Lindsay, Rob has now co-edited a forthcoming Festschrift volume for her with Frances McIntosh, Life in the Limes, which will be published by Oxbow books later this year (which, by a bizarre coincidence, I have ended up typesetting).

I hope you enjoy listening to Rob and are not too distracted by the rumble of the bus or the chatter of the others around us.

The podcast is available as an MP3 file (65Mb: this one’s a biggie!). If there is enough demand I can create an Ogg Vorbis file too, but you have to tell me you want it. Right click to download. A bit torrent link is also available. Finally, if you prefer, you can stream it directly from the archive.org web page.

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