Podcastellum 2: Brunton Turret

Brunton Turret (T26b)

Above is a Google Map showing the location of Brunton Turret (T26b), described in Podcastellum 2. Below are some views of the turret, together with a plan.

The surviving western extremity of the curtain wall, looking EThe eastern 'wing wall', looking WNo wing wall on the western side of the turret (looking NE)Brunton Turret with its entrance on the eastern side of the south wall, looking NWDetail of the threshold, looking NBrunton Turret looking NEView towards Chesters from Brunton Turret, looking WPlan of Brunton TurretNota Bene

Here are the soldiers on Trajan’s Column mentioned in the podcast, marching across the pontoon bridge, seemingly not in step. The sinister (their left) leg is marked S and the dexter D where they are in the lead.

Marching soldiers on a pontoon bridgeHere are the marching soldiers in Scene CVI with the advanced leg marked once again.

Marching in Scene CVIFinally, thanks are due to the Ermine Street Guard, and most especially Chris Haines and Mike Garlick, for allowing me to record their splendid cornu whilst they were performing at Fishbourne. Here is Mike in mid-blow:

The cornicenThe podcast is available as an MP3 file (11Mb). If there is enough demand I can create an Ogg Vorbis file too, but you have to tell me you want it. Right click to download. A bit torrent link is also available.

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