The Roman Army A to Z: optio

optio (m. pl. optiones)

Deputy to the centurio, elected by the soldiers of a centuria (Veg., DRM 2.7. RIB 492); o. ad spem ordinis: An o. marked for promotion to centurio and awaiting a vacancy (CIL III, 12411; RIB 544); o. carceris: o. in charge of prison in Rome (CIL VI, 2406; AE 1914, 253); o. custodiarum: an o. in charge of guards (CIL XIII, 6739); o. speculatorum: an o. in charge of speculatores (AE 1898, 91); o. valetudinarii: officer in charge of a valetudinarium. (Dig. 50.6.7; CIL IX, 1617). [Goldsworthy 2003]