The Roman Army A to Z: matrimonium

matrimonium (n. pl. matrimonia)

The legal definition of a relationship between a soldier and a woman; m. iustum: a legal marriage, which was denied to soldiers until they achieved the honesta missio and afterwards only if both parties were Roman citizens (Gaius 5.7; Ulp. 5.10). [Phang 2001]

The Roman Army A to Z: manica

manica (f. pl. manicae)

An articulated armguard made up of overlapping ferrous or copper-alloy plates which always overlapped upwards from the wrist to the shoulder. These were attached to underlying leather straps by means of rivets. Archaeological finds include examples from Carlisle, León, Newstead, and Sarmizegetusa. Armguards are depicted on the metopes of the Tropaeum Traiani (Romania) and a tombstone from Mainz (Germany). Juv., Sat. 6.255. [Bishop and Coulston 2006]