The Roman Army A to Z: gradus

gradus (m. pl. gradūs)

1. A rank; g. deiectio: reduction in rank, a form of punishment (Dig. 49.16.3); 2. a step (or half a pace; there were 1,000 paces in a Roman mile); g. militaris: the military step, which consisted of twenty Roman miles (18.4 statute miles or 29.6km) in five hours (3.7mph or 5.9kph) (Veg., DRM 1.9); g. plenus: the full step, or forced march, consisting of twenty-four Roman miles (22.1 statute miles or 35.5km) in five hours (4.42mph or 7.1kph) (Veg., DRM 1.9); 3. a position or station, often in battle (Tac., Hist. 2.35; Livy 34.39.3). [Goldsworthy 2003]