The Roman Army A to Z: eques

eques (m. pl. equites)

1. A member of the equestrian order, for whom military service in the tres militiae formed part of their career structure as praefectus and tribunus (Suet., Claud. 25). 2. An auxiliary cavalryman serving in either a cohors equitata or an ala (RIB 121; 3185); e. alaris: a cavalryman in an ala (CIL VIII, 4800); e. cohortalis: a cavalryman in a mixed cohort (CIL VIII, 2532); e. legionis: a rider in a legion, normally used as messengers under the Principate (Arr., Ek. 5; Veg., DRM 2.2; AE 1913, 48; RIB 482); e. praetorianus: a cavalryman in a Praetorian cohort (CIL III, 13201); e. promotus: in the Late Roman army, a cavalryman in a unit originally detached from legionary cavalry (CIL XIII, 6823); e. singularis Augusti: a cavalryman in the bodyguard of the emperor, often of Batavian origin (CIL VI, 31173; XIV, 2952); likewise e. singularis imperatoris (CIL VI, 3262). See also miles [Goldsworthy 2003; Speidel 1994]