Reading Hadrian’s Wall: 8

8. Hodgson Hadrian’s Wall on Tyneside TWAM

You have to search hard to find that this colourful and informative booklet is by Nick Hodgson (in tiny text on p.5, if you must know). It is a popular account of the WallQuest project. Regional archaeological societies are dead, long live community archaeology! All nonsense of course, but any money coming into archaeology has to be welcomed, whatever the buzzwords that have to be wielded and diversity-shaped boxes that must be ticked. Everything is an exercise in beating a concept for a project until it resembles the criteria for funding (or is it the other way round?) so all praise to TWAM for making this whole thing work. The full excavation reports will appear in due course, mainly in Archaeologia Aeliana I suspect, but in the interim there is this promptly produced account of the whole thing. Look, mum, somebody is actually digging Hadrian’s Wall, still! Neither Amazon nor Hive stock this (why not?) so you have to buy it direct from TWAM.