Reading Hadrian’s Wall: 7

7. Breeze Hadrian’s Wall Paintings by the Richardson Family Donald

This is a book that I repeatedly said to anybody who would listen needed producing (largely because the original paintings are shamefully inaccessible) and now it has been. These are not just pretty views, but important evidence for the state of Hadrian’s Wall in the 19th century. It is sometimes difficult to grasp just how much has been lost in recent years, but this book shows you in a most attractive fashion. It may look like a coffee-table book (if such things still exist), but it is so much more than that. Some of the paintings are so delicate that they verge on the ethereal. I doubt lovers of great art will rate them very highly but I don’t really care what they think and nor should you, because this is a time machine that shows you what was, not what might have been. Amazon  Hive