Reading Hadrian’s Wall: 12

12. Hodgson Hadrian’s Wall Hale

Having started this little sequence with the book you should read, here’s another you ought to, just to savour the contrast. This book is the new boy on the scene and covers much the same ground as the Breeze and Dobson volume, although in a slightly less academic (and arguably more accessible) and colourful format (even so, you have to wonder why Penguin never saw fit to produce a full-colour, coffee-table version of B&D, perhaps using some of northern England’s top-notch photographers to illustrate it). That is not to say the content of the Hodgson book is any less heavyweight. It has the distinct advantage of being much more up-to-date than B&D (last edition 2000) so can incorporate a decade-and-a-half of recent finds, some of which have modified our view of the Wall, and many of which have been down to Hodgson’s work (see No. 8). Amazon  Hive