Driving Hadrian’s Wall: the Minor Car Parks XIV (West Denton)

West Denton

Location: 54.984249, -1.697023 Facilities: none

As at Heddon-on-the-Wall, there is no actual formal car park of any size at West Denton. There is, however, a large sprawling estate where street parking is available for the couple of things you can see here.


As ever, be aware that there are car thieves operating, as there are at all of the car parks along the Wall. Stout footwear is almost certainly unnecessary.

West Denton parkingZone 1 (100m)

Much depends where you park as to how the monuments are zoned, so we’ll just assume you are within easy reach of your two main targets. Between the westbound carriageway of the A69, on the western side of the huge junction with the A1 western bypass, and the the road called The Ramparts (see what they did there?) there is a short length of curtain wall (1) visible on the verge. To the south of this, within the housing estate, running parallel with Wallington Drive, there is a large, open green area which is in fact a section of the Vallum (2); smoothed out by time (and agriculture), it is nevertheless instantly recognisable.