Driving Hadrian’s Wall: the Minor Car Parks X (Carr Hill)

Carr Hill layby (NCC)

Location: 55.012836, -1.983096 Facilities: none

This large (unsurfaced) layby (with room for more than 10 cars) is situated opposite Carr Hill Farm and is often used by cars, lorries, and coaches.


As ever, be aware that there are car thieves operating, as there are at all of the car parks along the Wall. Stout footwear is advisable.

Carr Hill minor car park mapZone 1 (100m)

The line of the Wall ditch can just be made out over the hedge from the layby (1).

Zone 2 (500m)

The upstanding earthworks of the Vallum between Carr Hill and Down Hill (2) are clearly visible.

Zone 3 (1km)

One of the finest sections of the Vallum is immediately next to the Trail on the limestone outcrop of Down Hill (3).

Zone 4 (2km)

The determined can press on to inspect the humps and bumps that are all there is to be seen of Haltonchesters fort (4).