Driving Hadrian’s Wall: the Minor Car Parks VIII (Brunton)

Brunton layby (NCC)

Location: N55.024048, W2.126263 Facilities: none

This layby on the eastern carriageway of the A6079 (between its crossroads with the B6318 Military Road and the village of Wall) provides parking for visitors to Brunton Turret, which is in the care of English Heritage.


As ever, be aware that there are car thieves operating, as there are at all of the car parks along the Wall. Stout footwear is unlikely to be necessary to visit either the turret or the bridge unless the ground is damp underfoot, but is advisable if extending your visit to Planetrees.

Brunton minor car park mapZone 2 (500m)

Walking eastwards across the field from the layby brings the visitor to an interesting consolidated section of curtain wall either side of Brunton Turret (T26b) (1).

Zone 4  (2km)

Walking north-eastwards and then north-westwards along the B6318 affords access to the Chesters Bridge Abutment (2 although it can more easily be reached from the Chollerford layby).

Following the trail south-westwards along the A6079 towards Wall and then up the unclassified road signposted to High Brunton will lead to the important piece of curtain wall at Planetrees (3).