Driving Hadrian’s Wall: the Minor Car Parks V (Walltown)

Walltown (EH)

Location: N54.989116, W2.509743 Facilities: none

This is another small car park (no charge), with room for around a dozen cars (or one badly parked motorhome extravagantly towing a small car), that affords access to the Wall at Walltown Crags. It is located less than 1km east of the Roman Army Museum Carvoran.


As ever, be aware that there are car thieves operating, as there are at all of the car parks along the Wall. Stout footwear is advisable.

Walltown minor car park planZone 2 (500m)

Heading north from the car park across the designated ‘access land’ brings the visitor to a fine stretch of curtain wall on Walltown Crags (1); one that has featured on many book covers. Walltown Turret (T45a) (2) can be inspected by heading slightly eastwards.

Zone 3 (1km)

A slightly longer walk eastwards reveals first an exposed yet not consolidated length of curtain wall and then the robbed-out site of Milecastle 45 (3), now just humps and bumps (to use the memorably contentious phrase of one former chairman of English Heritage). Further on, the visitor can witness how the course of the curtain wall (4, here a ruinous, grass-covered mound) deals tactically with the many ‘nicks’ or ‘gaps’, by means of a re-entrant.

Zone 4 (2km)

To the east, climbing Mucklebank Crags via the precipitous steps leads to Mucklebank Turret (T44b) (5). Two more re-entrants follow in the line of the curtain wall (6, 7) before the site of Allolee Milecastle (MC44) (8), again robbed out, are reached.

To the west, the intrepid explorer can see the ditch (9) with its upcast mound beyond Walltown Quarry as well as a fine view to the west. Venturing downhill to see the tribal levy stone or Thirlwall Castle may seem like folly when there is Thirlwall View car park to exploit, but some may enjoy the challenge of the steep walk back afterwards.