Driving Hadrian’s Wall: the Minor Car Parks II (Banks East)

Banks East (CCC)

Location: N54.975471, W2.665153 Facilities: None


Always be aware of the possibility of thieves operating in the car park. Follow signs for the Hadrian’s Wall Path to access sites to either side of Banks East. Stout footwear is advisable. There is currently no charge for parking.

Banks car park planZone 1 (100m)

This small car park (with space for about nine cars) is immediately next to Banks East Turret (T51a) (1) and the short length of curtain wall on either side of it, whilst a fine length of ditch is visible on the northern side of the road.

Zone 2 (500m)

A short walk up the hill to the east brings the visitor to Pike Hill Signal Tower (2).

Zone 3 (1km)

Leahill Turret (T51b) (3) is displayed immediately to the north of the road and the ditch in front is clearly visible.

Zone 4 (2km)

To the west, Hare Hill curtain wall (4) falls within this zone.

To the east, Piper Sike Turret (T51a) (5) is further along the road to Birdoswald and the ditch is again clear to the north of it, whilst the earthworks of the Vallum can be seen to the south. Continuing eastwards and then south along the Trail takes the visitor down to the line of the Vallum.