The Best Bits of Hadrian’s Wall: the Forts (Haltonchesters)

Haltonchesters fort (ONNVM)

plan of HalyonchestersHalton Chesters is 8.8km (5.5 miles) from Chesters, 12km (7.5 miles) from Rudchester, and is 2ha (4.8 acres) in area, having been enlarged from 1.7ha (4.3 acres) with a rather unusual western extension south of the curtain wall (making it the only fort on the Wall with an L-shaped plan). Its initial garrison is unknown but it may have been a mixed cohort. The increase in size may be because it later held the ala I Pannoniorum Sabiniana. Once again placed astride the Wall, it – like Chesters – had six gates. A large internal bathhouse was excavated near the western defences, north of the modern road, in the 19th century, with barracks to the east of it. To the south of us, granaries were examined, but most of our knowledge of the site comes from a detailed geophysical survey.

Haltonchesters from the airThere is nothing to see of the site today beyond the fort platform and a few humps and bumps to the south of the Military Road, whilst to the north the fort is still under the plough.

Haltonchesters on the ground