Into The Light (the Where is Easy but the Who is Harder)

October 8th 2015 is National Poetry Day. This year the theme is light.

Into the Light (the Where is Easy but the Who is Harder)

And so we’re in,
Into the peat-dark temple of light.
The dull Mithraists have not been here
For aeons to see their god, so bright
In his dark cave.

We light our lamps
And begin our crafty destruction,
Swinging our axes, kicking with boots.
Cautes, godlet of sunrise, smitten:
Off with his head!

Gets it next; sun-down godlet, alas!
And now, in the flickering lamplight,
We fell the main altar of Mithras,
Broken in two.

Someone’s coming!
We pause and pant in the golden gloom.
‘Dowse the lights!’ I hiss; back to darkness.
They’ll think the Christians upset their room.
We know the truth.

Hear, goddess queen!
Old scores are settled, and so we leave;
Into the light, diffuse silver light,
Washing us clean of midnight mischief
In his dark cave.