89. Where can I see things excavated from Hadrian’s Wall?

6797066416_50cbdb9dde_nThe visitor to Hadrian’s Wall is fortunate in having access to a fine series of museums containing not only finds from generations of excavations, but also explanatory material. These are located at Carlisle (Tullie House), Birdoswald (site museum), Carvoran (Roman Army Museum), Housesteads (site museum), Chesters (site museum), Newcastle (Great North Museum), and Wallsend (site museum). The Great North Museum contains most of the material that used to be in the Museum of Antiquities in Newcastle (to which older books tend to refer). In addition, the Stanegate sites of Vindolanda and Corbridge both have excellent museums as well as sites worth the detour from the line of the Wall. If only to see the magnificent reconstructed gateway (there is actually so much more), a journey to the fort at South Shields will likewise repay the time and effort.

Further reading: Breeze 2006