ORL Day Seven: Kleinkastell Kemel to Kastell Zugmantel

Low cloud hid the giant wind turbines as we stepped out of Kemel, blades roaring softly through the water vapour. There is nothing to see of the fortlet, but a timber tower lurks behind the village fire station.

WT 2/49 reconstructed

Striding across the fields, we weaved around the bases of the turbines, and skirted the edge of the recycling centre. We soon arrived at the Father Ted watchtower (‘…this watchtower is small…’) before descending past the Villa Lilly, a health resort and turning off towards Lindschied, and the first of the major changes to the Limesweg this year (I am only just beginning to appreciate how often this path changes course!). It now avoids going into the village almost completely, only briefly flirting with it before beginning the long descent into the valley of the Aar (which will see the start of Strecke 3 of the ORL). On the way down, we turned off to inspect the only inscribed quarry face in this part of the German Limes, commemorating a bored Ianuarius Justinus.

The Iustinus stone

We retraced our steps, crossing under the railway and over the river and nodding a greeting to Kleinkastell Adolfseck, before climbing once more to get to our chosen lunch place near WT 3/8.

After lunch, we plodded on through more forest, now mindful of our looming meeting with Dirk Augustin for a spot of living history. Now the weather began to turn against us, showers becoming heavier until they explored the possibility of turning into downpours. By the time we made it to the watchtower at Zugmantel, we were moist to say the least. Dirk displayed and explained weaponry throughout the Roman period, before mixing (and inviting us to sample) some moretum.

Zugmantel watchtower