32. Where was the western terminus of Hadrian’s Wall?

4953895912_05f113e698Just as Wallsend fort was not the eastern terminus, so Bowness apparently saw an extension of the curtain wall to the west of the fort there. In 1707, Bishop Nicholson noted that the terminus of the Wall lay a quarter of a mile west of the village. When Maclauchlan surveyed the Wall in 1853, he found local people who remembered excavating building stone from the beach some 250yds west of the fort.

Bizarrely, the westernmost pieces of Hadrian’s Wall may now lie about 120 miles off Fastnet, since the stones from the eastern terminus were possibly still on RMS Carpathia when she was sunk by German torpedoes in 1918.

Further reading: Mothersole 1922; Breeze 2006