31. Where was the eastern terminus of Hadrian’s Wall?

7335114564_c8b719076a_nThe eastern terminus of Hadrian’s Wall was not the fort of Wallsend itself, since it has long been recognised that a spur, known as the Branch Wall, ran down towards the Tyne from the south-east corner of the fort. Word-of-mouth reports recorded that it reached at least to low tide level. A short length of it was excavated in 1903 during the construction of the new slipway for the RMS Mauretania, moved (although a few pieces were displayed on the RMS Carpathia, which was fitting at the Wallsend shipyard at the time), and has now been moved back to close to its original location. Thus the eastern terminus probably lies beneath the now-defunct Swan Hunter shipyard. Some scholars have speculated that there may have been a Milecastle 0 but no evidence to support this has ever been found.

Further reading: Mothersole 1922; Breeze 2006


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