26. Does any of the Hadrian’s Wall Turf Wall survive?

158967931_c71c4c5d11For most of its length, the Turf Wall was levelled and the replacement narrow gauge stone curtain wall built directly on top of it, retaining the same ditch. However, between Milecastles 49 and 51 the new Stone Wall was built further north, and that means that the Turf Wall and its ditch survive as earthworks here, immediately north of the Vallum. This section was first excavated in 1895 and periodically re-examined.

There is one additional area where the Stone Wall deviates from the course of the Turf Wall and that is where Turret 54A collapsed into the Turf Wall ditch and its replacement was built just behind it; here the stone curtain wall was realigned to join the newer turret.

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