PLV Inscriptions (Drumburgh)


Time and erosion have deprived us of the inscriptions on the two Roman altars that stand outside Drumburgh Castle, but there are a few legible inscriptions from the site.


RIB 2051: coh(ors) VII (‘the Seventh Cohort (built this)’). Building stone found before 1874 in the gable of a stable opposite Drumburgh Castle. Source: RIB I pp.628-9

RIB 2052: coh(ors) VIII (‘the Eighth Cohort (built this)’). Building stone found in 1783 in a house in Drumburgh. Source: RIB I p.629

RIB 2053

RIB 2053

RIB 2053: Pedatura / Vindo/moruci (‘Length (built by) Vindomorucus’). Building stone found in 1859 at Drumburgh. Source: RIB I p.629


The two stones erected by the Seventh and Eighth Cohorts (2051-2) must date to the replacement of the turf fort with the stone one (although it is possible they may equally derive from the curtain wall). The stone (2053) recording work by the Vindomoruci (presumably from the area around Vindomora, modern Ebchester in County Durham) on the other hand probably belongs to the Severan rebuild, when tribal levies are found at work.