Wall Mile 70

Wall Mile 70 [HB 348–9]

Around 200m after the location of Milecastle 70, the Trail departs from the course of the Wall, making for the northern end of the village of Beaumont. We turn left, head up to the village green, and turn right, pausing only to admire the church squatting on the likely position of Turret 70a.

The site of Turret 70a in Beaumont

The site of Turret 70a in Beaumont

‘Where is the Vallum in all of this?’ you may be wondering. Well, it is some 700m to the south-east, passing through Monkhill and ignoring Beaumont, taking the shortest distance between two points, unlike the Wall, which has to be far more aware of the tactical potential of the terrain and make the most of that river cliff.

Back in Beaumont, having turned right past the village green, before too long we then make a left turn to follow the Trail signs. This lane curves round to the south to unite with two other tracks and, at that point, heading straight on, we rejoin the line of the Wall. Actually, it’s the ditch; the use of the line of the ditch by roads and tracks is a theme that we have encountered before. Our ditchy lane continues and 350m further on, at a junction with a track to our right, lies the location of Turret 70b. You will doubtless be unsurprised to learn that there is nothing to see. The lane and Wall continue and, 530m beyond our turret, we find the site of Milecastle 71.

Milecastle 71 (Wormanby) [HB 349; haiku]

Milecastle 71 has been examined by excavation in 1960 and again in 2000, although there is nothing to see, once more.