Wall Mile 57

Wall Mile 57 [HB 335]

Through the farmyard we go and out the other side, heading south-westwards, and now the field boundary is still in the ditch, but this time it’s a hedge. We cross a small stream by means of a bridge and then we are in the next field. We pass to the north of The Beck’s farm buildings, not wondering for too long where all that red sandstone came from, and carry on across the floodplain towards the scarp ahead of us. Here, rather unusually, the hedge to our right is not on the line of the curtain wall, which is to our north.

The hedge in the ditch W of Cambeckhill

The hedge in the ditch looking back towards Cambeckhill

We scramble up the steps to get to the plateau by Heads Wood, where we will probably be greeted by at least one horse. Across the paddock and into the next field, where we are back to a familiar situation with the ditch to the north, the hedge- and fenceline on the curtain wall, and us to the south of that.

The line of the curtain wall W of Heads Wood

The line of the curtain wall W of Heads Wood

Through a gate, up a path, and then rather unexpectedly into somebody’s garden, through which the Trail passes. Veg looks good! We weave our way through the back of a farmyard and then out onto the green at Newtown, next to the main road from Brampton to Longtown. Exercising caution (it is an A road so can be busy), we cross and continue south-west along the road. When the houses to our left end, we have reached the site of Milecastle 58.

Milecastle 58 (Newtown) [HB 335; haiku]

The site of Milecastle 58

The site of Milecastle 58

The milecastle itself (like the curtain wall) are set back from the road and it has not been located; so not only is there nothing to see, we don’t even know where it is in order not to see it!