Wall Mile 17

Wall Mile 17 [HB 173–4]

The Wall climbs to a crest, just after which it changes course onto a new alignment, slightly north of east. Interestingly, the Vallum, which has been running parallel with us for some way, ignores this turn and again ploughs straight on across the countryside, flattened now but still visible from the air as a crop or soil mark. We are, as ever, on the line of the ditch, with the curtain wall under the road.

The Trail follows the path then the verge to the right as it approaches the Robin Hood Inn

Just before we reach the Robin Hood Inn, we climb some handily located steps in what looks like (but isn’t) part of somebody’s garden and we are unceremoniously dumped next to the Military Road. Succour may be sought by crossing the road very carefully in a while and visiting the ice cream parlour at Vallum Farm, passing the site of Milecastle 18 as we do so.

Milecastle 18 (East Wallhouses) [HB 174; haiku]

The site of Milecastle 18, at the entrance to Vallum Farm

It goes without saying that there is nothing to see here, but excavation in 1931 showed it to be of the long axis type. The Handbook speculates that differences in construction suggest it was started by one legion but finished by another; perhaps they had all gone off for ice creams. Incidentally, this was the milecastle that set me off on The Milecastle Haiku.