Wall Mile 5

Wall Mile 5 [HB 151]

This section of our walk is unlikely to set the pulse racing and, in fact, the only evidence we are going to see of the Wall is the unrelenting course of the road (which is still in the ditch) and the property frontages, which respect the course of the curtain wall itself.

We continue to climb the hill until we reach a plateau, passing the large, red brick Westgate Hill primary School to our right.

Finally, we pass a petrol station and then a church on our left to arrive at the approximate site of Milecastle 6, at the junction with Benwell Grove.

Milecastle 6 (Benwell Grove) [HB 151; haiku]

Westgate Road looking west towards the site of Milecastle 6

This milecastle has never been found, so its likely position is based on spacing, measuring backwards from Turret 7b. Milecastles were one of the original regular components of Hadrian’s Wall: each comprised a fortlet, attached to the rear face of the curtain wall, with gateways to permit passage through the frontier. Most had a small amount of accommodation. They were located approximately one Roman mile (1,480m or 1,618yds) apart but some wriggle room was left in the spacing to allow for the terrain. Of course, that wriggle room renders guesses at location a bit haphazard to say the least. Anyway, we shall have more to say on the milecastles when we can actually see one, but for the time being that will do.