The Milecastle Haiku (Week 11)

Milecastle 70

Braelees above the
Eden. Freed of the Wall ditch,
Bold and high: good view!

Milecastle 71

Wormanby is here!
Technology triumphant
By autumnal lane.

Milecastle 72

Fauld Farm hides behind
Burgh-by-Sands. Church fortified
From northern raiders.

Milecastle 73

Dykesfield on dry ground,
Sees a royal monument:
Long Shanks laid low here.

Milecastle 74

Oyster catcher calls.
Burgh Marsh is a mystery,
Yet the geese fly south.

Milecastle 75

Easton, like Burgh Marsh,
Lost in the mist-clad wetlands.
Poised heron fishing.

Milecastle 76

Drumburgh by the old
Railway. No more dandy carts
Carry Wall pilgrims.