The Milecastle Haiku (Week 10)

Milecastle 63

Walby West unfound;
Maclauchlan thought he saw it.
Still it evades us.

Milecastle 64

By Hadrian Camp,
Escaping the motorway,
Drawdykes just survives.

Milecastle 65

Tarraby, once home
To rural Cocidius,
Hunter deity.

Milecastle 66

Three bridges were seen
Once, from Stanwix Bank, but now
Just one: noise and fumes.

Milecastle 67

Stainton eludes us
But it must be on the bank,
By the path, in trees.

Milecastle 68

Perched above a stream,
Oak-clad Boomby Gill surveys
Distant northern lands.

Milecastle 69

Named, but still not found,
Sourmilk Bridge is worth it for
That wry name alone.

The PLV eboojs