The Milecastle Haiku (Week 9)

Milecastle 56

Garrison to pub,
Walton‘s arc is now described,
A new phase awaits.

Milecastle 57

Cambeckhill‘s a farm,
With Castlesteads above it,
Concealed by the trees.

Milecastle 58

Newtown by the road,
Hidden by a hedge. The verge
Lush from the fresh rain.

Milecastle 59

Old Wall now simmers
Amidst the path’s callow May;
A lark keeps station.

Milecastle 60

High Strand in a field,
Hollow way in the moist ditch,
The Wall now a hedge.

Milecastle 61

Geophysics gives
Wall Head substance. Only now
Freed from the mown hay.

Milecastle 62

Out of reach, Walby
East is lost in a hedgerow.
Crows caw their disdain.