The Milecastle Haiku (Week 8)

Milecastle 49

Re-housed Harrow’s Scar.
Precarious ruin high
Above golden gorge.

Milecastle 50

Cold stone twinned with turf,
Two milecastles for the price
of just one: High House.

Milecastle 51

Turf wall and stone wall
Re-unite at Wall Bowers.
Earthworks glimpsed through gate.

Milecastle 52

Bankshead farm still interrupts
The Wall even now.

Milecastle 53

Hare Hill looming near,
Banks Burn is concealed beneath
Successor dwelling.

Milecastle 54

Sheltered by an oak,
Randylands sees sandstone change,
Grey to red: bloodied.

Milecastle 55

Trees in full broad leaf,
Low Wall squats in a hedgerow,
Knowing the damp ground.

The PLV eboojs