The Milecastle Haiku (Week 7)

Milecastle 42

Nearly lost to a
Stone-hungry quarry, Cawfields
Leans towards the sun.

Milecastle 43

Great Chesters conceals
Its predecessor; damp fort
Shrouds hidden fortlet.

Milecastle 44

Allolee clings to
The dip slope behind crow-soared
Cliffs, watched by bored sheep.

Milecastle 45

Owning the Whin Sill,
Wet and cold, bleak and so old:
Walltown in winter.

Milecastle 46

Carvoran, gateway
To both crags and gentler hills.
Heat haze masks the coast.

Milecastle 47

Gone now, Chapel House:
Blown up. Indifference is
The smoke of progress.

Milecastle 48

Step to the top of
Poltross Burn‘s sun-baked sloping
Railside seclusion.