The Milecastle Haiku (Week 6)

Milecastle 35

Verdant Sewingshields.
No gate through the wall but a
Clear view from the crags.

Milecastle 36

A fine spring day on
King’s Hill. Arthur sleeps soundly
Beneath beetling crags.

Milecastle 37

The north gate narrowed,
Shared summer words at Housesteads
Will always endure.

Milecastle 38

The Dutch are coming!
Hotbank, with its inscription
And by-passed earthworks.

Milecastle 39

Between two mauve hills:
Castle Nick, that old milking
Parlour in a gap.

Milecastle 40

Winshields shields the whin.
Desolate above its scarp,
Braving the north wind.

Milecastle 41

Melkridge hides under
Its grassy blanket, safe from
Snow, not walkers’ feet.

The PLV eboojs