The Milecastle Haiku (Week 5)

Milecastle 28

Walwick with nagging
Signs, chastising, not helping
The weary walker.

Milecastle 29

Tower Tye earthworks,
Crisp in low sunlight, a ditch
Still protects robbed walls.

Milecastle 30

Now, Limestone Corner
Peeps over a stone wall at
The unfinished ditch.

Milecastle 31

Carrawburgh car park
For Mithras. Coventina
Lies concealed beyond.

Milecastle 32

Carraw lies unseen
Beyond the road; bright sphagnum,
Cropped grass, a curlew.

Milecastle 33

Avoided by road,
Shield-on-the-Wall. Gate ajar,
Rust-brackened spoilheap.

Milecastle 34

Bare, encircled trees.
Grindon‘s nascent ditch guarded
By walled plantation.