The Milecastle Haiku (Week 4)

Milecastle 21

Down Hill, now long gone,
Removed by a quarry; a
Bleak winter landscape.

Milecastle 22

Portgate Milecastle,
Gateway blocked, Dere Street triumphs!
The road to the north.

Milecastle 23

Vallum at Stanley,
Gorse-bearded then tree-cloaked, a
Woodland sentinel.

Milecastle 24

Near a road crossing,
Wall Fell squats by a stone wall,
Evident and green.

Milecastle 25

Military Road,
Hissing with dark winter rain,
Conceals Codlawhill.

Milecastle 26

Planetrees, split by road,
Plundered by farm, nothing here
Save a summer’s view.

Milecastle 27

Bridging the North Tyne,
Next to Low Brunton, the Wall
Dipped its sandstone toes.

The PLV eboojs