The Milecastle Haiku (Week 3)

Milecastle 14

March Burn: bumble bees
Amongst the poppies. The road
Bends and a lark sings.

Milecastle 15

West of Eppies Hill,
Whitchester‘s trajectory
Needs hand-shaded gaze.

Milecastle 16

Abreast of the crest
Of Harlow Hill, a junction
That functions all year.

Milecastle 17

In sight of water
Welton awaits its new fame;
Star of the schedules!

Milecastle 18

Milecastle Eighteen,
At Vallum Farm. Autumnal
Ice cream tastes so good!

Milecastle 19

Twin guardians of
A road, Matfen Piers are still
A northern gateway.

Milecastle 20

Another farmstead,
Halton Shields rests on its past:
Frozen in our time.