The Milecastle Haiku (Week 2)

Milecastle 7

Benwell Bank, not found;
A good friend rests near to this
Summer-dusty road.

Milecastle 8

Nearer Shearer than
Rome, West Denton roars at you,
Frozen by a stream.

Milecastle 9

Chapel House – park
Bench near waving ripe wheat;
A fort, once for sale.

Milecastle 10

A garden gate is
Forever open. June breeze
At Walbottle Dene.

Milecastle 11

Another low crest
And Throckley Bank Top surveys
Its neighbours through mist.

Milecastle 12

Reunited with
The trail, Heddon hails the start
Of the real journey.

Milecastle 13

Rudchester Burn with
An avenue flecked with May.
The loud road growls past.

The PLV eboojs