Wall Mile 5

Wall Mile 5 [HB 151]

This section of our walk is hardly likely to set any murophiliac’s heart racing and, in fact, the only evidence we are going to see of the Wall is the unrelenting course of the road (which is still in the ditch) and the property frontages, which respect the course of the curtain wall itself. Once past the site of Milecastle 6, we continue along a plateau before finally beginning our descent to the Tyne after passing the large, red brick Westgate Hill Primary School to our left. As we descend Westgate Road, we pass a small cemetery to our right and, at its eastern extremity, by the junction of Westgate Road with Elswick Road and Corporation Street, Horsley ‘thought there were some visible remains of a Castellum [milecastle], just behind the quarry house’, but modern scholars are sceptical, yet less helpful.

Milecastle 5 (Quarry House) [HB 151; haiku]

The alleged site of Milecastle 5

The alleged site of Milecastle 5

It will come as no surprise, then, to discover that the site of Milecastle 5 (Quarry House) has yet to be found.