Wall Mile 62

Wall Mile 62 [HB 337–8]

 From the A689 as far as Walby, the course of the Wall is marked by the familiar field boundaries and is inaccessible, so we must retrace our footsteps to the roundabout, then head east for about 0.9km until we reach the junction with Birky Lane, which will take us north up to the suggestively named Walby. The lane kinks and jiggles until it rejoins the course of the Wall near Walby Grange, where the frontier has undergone a major course change onto a more easterly bearing, parallel to the line of the Stanegate to its south.

Milecastle 62 (Walby East) [HB 337; haiku]

Site of Milecastle 62

Site of Milecastle 62

Milecastle 62 (Walby East) was located by MacLauchlan at the point where the lane, which has made a short detour to the north of the Wall immediately after Walby, turns eastwards once more. In 1999, tests excavation identified the heavily robbed remains of the long-axis milecastle, as well as its turf predecessor. There are no visible remains.