Wall Mile 68

Wall Mile 68 [HB 347–8]

The curtain wall resumes its south-easterly course with a 50° course change in the opposite direction. It now heads down to the village of Grinsdale, its course marked once more by a hedgerow. The Trail takes us down a farm track to the village, where we make a right then a left turn to pick up the wall line again on the other side of the road. The Wall is marked by the by-now familiar hedgerow and once more makes for the riverside to utilise the cliff and render the ditch unnecessary. We keep the line of the curtain wall to our left, as it continues in the fashion, until we have to cross Boomby Gill, the site of another uncertain milecastle.

Milecastle 68 (Boomby Gill) [HB 347; haiku]

Milecastle 68 (Boomby Gill) probably lay on one side or the other of Boomby Gill, although it too has not yet been identified.