Walking Per Lineam Valli

I’m sure lots of people have blogged walking along Hadrian’s Wall, but it occurred to me that nobody seems to have done this from an archaeological point of view. At least, probably not for the whole Wall; and almost certainly not from west to east. In reality, this is an aggregate of several journeys since, like a good film, you can never take it all in at once.

Bowness from the air
Bowness from the air, looking NE

So, where to start? Let’s head for the pretty little Cumbrian village of Bowness-on-Solway. You will probably need to do this by bus (a 93 from Carlisle bus station), although William Hutton was quite content to walk there from Birmingham. If walking the Wall in pairs, it is possible to try the Two Car Trick (definitely not to be confused with the famed Shakespearian Bed Trick). This involves driving two cars to the anticipated terminal point of the day’s walking, leaving one there, driving back to the start, leaving the other there, then starting to walk. At the end of the day, get in the car you (hopefully) rediscover at your destination, go back to the first, then retire for a night’s rest. Not very green, and problematical in the Central Sector, where parking is (deliberately) scarce, but one way round the gaping inadequacies of the British public transport system.